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Overcoming Toxic Masculinity: Formidably Conquering the Fear of Failure
Overcoming Toxic Masculinity:
Formidably Conquering the Fear of Failure

What is Toxic Masculinity? What failures do you fear? Fear can be a fatal foe of destiny but doesn’t equate defeat. Don’t risk exchanging a learning experience for a critical setback because your thought process is toxic. The power of choice grants each of our decisions with endless possibilities and outcomes. Don’t fear this power. Embrace it!


This book was written to help those suffering with identity crisis, especially men subjected to false perceptions of manhood that prevent them from achieving the fullness of their purpose. Don’t allow toxic masculinity and broken cultural systems to keep you from achieving all God has created you to become and produce. 


Humanity’s declining morale is in desperate need of God’s refining flame of fertility. Unlock your God-given capacity to birth forth purpose. Explore with me the practical applications that biblical principles have preserved, for us to overcome our fears, failures, and toxic behaviors.

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OTM: Formidably Conquering the Fear of Failure - The Workbook

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OTM-Formidably Conquering the Fear of Failure -The Workbook
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