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Overcoming Toxic Masculinity

The Livelihood of Spiritual Tomb Raiders
The very special day I married my true rib, helpmate, and best friend...Kaleeda.
My Story

DeVon R. Gandy is an educator and artist. He has a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Seton Hill University and a Master’s in Art Education from Chatham University. A student, not only of art but of life, he used his education to pursue many goals. 

As a poet, he sought to uplift and admonish. As a muralist, he beautified impoverished neighborhoods. As an educator he taught his students the value of artistic expression and practical application. As a juvenile detention officer, he helped mentor at-risk youth through traumatic circumstances. And as a minister, DeVon committed himself to purpose-driven community outreach. 

In 2021, he founded Kingdom Citizens in Christ Church. Developed for building a community of Kingdom-minded people, this platform is an extension of his virtual ministry which is intended to help others on their journey of spiritual growth and personal development.


Through the application of biblical principles in practical ways, we as believers can successfully navigate the world while living a healed, holistic, and purpose-driven lifestyle in Christ. As an author, DeVon inspires to inform the lost of the light and the broken of the hope reserved in the bosom of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. 


This is a great novel for those seeking divine order and structure in their life... Whether you're a man lacking purpose and affirmation in the journey of what it means to be one, or a woman who wants to better understand a righteous man's relationship with God and Christ, this book will guide and give you the answers you need.

Sergio Jewell,

Atlanta Playwright & Editor

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